Friday, 15 March 2013

A Shower of Pretty - British Grown Natural Confetti

Hello all

Today I'm delighted to bring you one of our latest industry collaborations and to tell you all about gorgeous, natural, British grown petals which are the prettiest, most delicate confetti I've seen in a long time.  Nowadays venues and churches tend to have quite strict policies about confetti, with many asking that friends and family only use natural, biodegradable pretties to throw when celebrating the end of your ceremony. I've also had lots of you Brides ask me to include it with your wedding flowers,  as it seems to just tag on nicely with our very natural, 'just picked', style.  Happily, I recently found Bespoke Confetti and have established a fab working relationship with the lovely Rosie.

The confetti is dried larkspur petals and is available in a gorgeous rich, velvety purple, a mid to pale pink, a soft creamy-white or you can have a mixture of all the lovely colourways in together.

Fill paper cones, organza bags or simply fill a large basketful so your guests can grab a handful!

After a few experiments here at Campbell's HQ, I can tell you that not only is the confetti really gorgeous, but it throws beautifully too!

Use to decorate tables, key areas or even place settings ...

To help take away the headache of ordering, we've put together a little guide to help you work out quantities really simply:-

*  Think about how many guests you would like to actually have confetti.  A rule of thumb is generally a half to two-thirds of your guests, although some Brides like everyone to have some!

* A pint of larkspur confetti will usually be enough for 10 small organza bags or 10 paper cones or 10 small handfuls. Cones are readily available from us or Rosie, or are really simple to make if you're looking for a little DIY project which you can get involved with well ahead of your day.

* Baskets full of confetti look gorgeous and are a little more informal, although you will probably need to allow extra as you'll possibly find more of your guests will want a handful - an open basket being handed round is just sooo tempting!

I hope that's helpful.  I'm really excited about working with Rosie and adding this really rather lovely extra string to our wedding bow! If you'd like to know more, do get in touch and I'll let you have an idea of costs for your number of guests and help you through the ordering process.

Right, on with this weekend's wedding ....

Tracey x

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