Thursday, 28 March 2013

Floral Trends - Our pick of the colours you're choosing for 2013

I'm writing this post in February as, looking at my lovely wall planner, I can see at a glance how busy this year's wedding season is going to be.  Actual weddings don't start until the very beginning of March (yes, that's you Rachael!), but once they do, they're pretty full on 'til October!  I have to admit that, what with spending time meeting all you lovely people, typing up quotations and emails, I'm not quite sure just how I would have coped with lots of early weddings!

Anyway, on taking an overview on this year's weddings, I had some thoughts about the colours you've been choosing for your bouquets.  I do find that bridesmaids dresses can really influence the colour choice for flowers and some of the key trends seem to be:-


Many of you are choosing soft, feminine pastels such as, powder blue, champagne, and minks as colours for your bridesmaids dresses which quite often translates in terms of the flowers to really soft whites, creams and greens.  These colours work really well with the quintessentially British garden party, many of you are choosing.

Navy and Royal Blue

A really classic and stylish choice, blues remain popular this year and lots of you are putting these with soft peaches and creams which work beautifully with dove greys, lots of gorgeous textures, and structural succulents.

Crisp, cool, clean whites are really making a play this year - especially when your gown features ivory lace. Gypsophila is still featuring strongly for bridesmaids in soft, frothy, pretty bunches and is now being used to decorate pew ends and looks fabulous as a topiary table arrangement.


Purples, lavenders and lilacs are still strong this year, especially for the more unstructured, meadowy, 'just-picked' looks which are fantastic for those of you who want your flowers to reflect your surroundings - just perfect for barn weddings, farms, tipis and the like!

Well, that's all for today folks! Let me know what colours you've chosen as your flowers, do they feature in my top four or have you gone for something totally different?  I love to receive your comments and will always get back to you too.

If, as always, you need any flowery help or advice, do get in touch or pop over to our website for more pretties to help inspire you and your day.

Tracey x

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