Saturday, 20 October 2012

Campbell's Calendar - The weekly musings of a florist

Hello all and welcome to my new regular weekend post.  A few weeks ago I was thinking about how much happens at Campbell's HQ and how I don't always get a chance to update my facebook page or my website.  So I thought it might be fun to run a regular feature for all you lovely loyal followers, looking back on the week, with maybe the odd musing thrown in for good measure.

This week was a cracking week.  Absolutely heaps happened so here goes:-

Sunday (I'm an old-fashioned girl and think the week begins here!)

Went to a demonstration with the very fabulous Jonathon Moseley who designs with perhaps a little more bling than I do, but had some really gorgeous ideas which I loved. It's the wonderful thing about floristry, you can be a totally different designer but can still really appreciate and draw inspiration from lovely work. I did take a couple of snaps of him during the dem, but he was in mid-sentence and I'm not sure he'd thank me for posting them!  I also bumped into the uber-stylish Amanda, an ex-student of mine, who once gave me one of the nicest Christmas presents I've ever been given.  I still have it and use it every day!

Here's one of my fave designs using lovely heather and masses of roses:-


Saw us all up ridiculously early and off to Kelham Island Museum for our 'Women of Steel' shoot (click on the link to find out the whole story). We were blessed with fantastic weather and the most amazing team - I absolutely love putting shoots together they give us a chance to do things that might not be to everyone's taste, but do give us the chance to push the boundaries and show the extent of our creativity.

Here's a couple of preview shots taken by the fabulous Jess Petrie


Unsurprisingly, we had a bit of a slow start on Tuesday after the shoot. As always, there was plenty to do though in writing a blog post, thanking all the contributors, returning all the goodies we had borrowed, planning the PR and taking a few quick snaps of the bouquets.  I also received an incredibly exciting email from one of the national magazines asking for us to design some flowers for a shoot in London!  More on that next week!


Having popped into see my lovely friend Amy from Pure Enough the day before, I unwrapped a box full of goodies she had given me - knowing my love of 'found' objects. So many beautiful things - one of which is this gorgeous Sheffield plate tea set, which I just can't wait to use!

Here it is full of adorable British grown anemones from the fabulous James at Clowance

I also had a consultation with the very beautiful Nora who, in one of those strange twists of fate started chatting about how she liked the flowers she had seen on my facebook page  but had a photo on her phone of a design she really liked and could I make something similar? Imagine my surprise when I realised it was one of my designs! Some things are just meant to be! Here it is courtesy of Cat Hepple Photography

... the great news is that Nora has booked me for her wedding in early January 2013, so I get to use this design as inspiration, but am making it in a completely different colourway!  Exciting!

I also attended my first ever webinar with the amazing Alicia Cowan on how to unlock your Twitter brilliance - it was fantastic and I can't wait to use some of her tips.  In fact, I already have and I'm not sure about me being brilliant, but the advice really was!


A businesswoman's networking lunch was on the cards for me today - and what a fantastic group of women I had the pleasure of meeting. Much inspiration to be had here and I think there might even be the added bonus of a few new friends too (not to mention lots of business leads!).

We rounded off the day with a consultation with Debs and James who are getting married in September next year.   We had to ask James to take a seat in the other room while we discussed Debs' gown. I soon discovered we share the same sense of humour when she teased him unmercilessly about how we were co-ordinating flower to match magenta pink with flashing fairy lights sewn into the hem!  I do hope they book as their flowers were lovely and I just know they will be such a laugh to work with!


An early visit to the market, then off to my beloved Netwalking run by the very fabulous Faye Smith - it combines a (brisk!) walk through Endcliffe Park up to Forge Dam and back with some very relaxed networking amongst friendly lovely people.  If you're a new biz in Sheffy I couldn't recommend it more highly!  It was their 1st birthday, so much fun and rather too much cake was had by all!

A sneak peek at this gorgeous limonium I'm using!


Catching up and getting organised! Lots of quotations to get, oh and my very first consultation which didn't turn up, its never happened before so not sure what to think!  : (

Off on hols next week - have a cottage booked in North Yorkshire, near Pickering. Next week's round-up might just be full of whippet and flower pics!

Anyway lovelies, 'til then - have a great week


PS: Any articles, features, posts or any topics you'd like me to feature - let me know and I'll be happy to oblige!


My poor bride had completely forgotten her appointment, having had a manic week (I told her not to worry, it's not like I haven't done the same!). She's re-booked - yay! Faith restored!!

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