Monday, 22 October 2012

Lovely Lace - Wedding Dress Gorgeousness for 2013

Hello all, as you know I pretty much always post about flowers. Now, I'm not planning on branching out or diversifying, but I've noticed over the last couple of months how my readership has really started to grow and so thought I might try a few posts which are still related to our lovely biz, but not directly related to flowers.  Today I bring you a really gorgeous Wedding Dresses trend for 2013 that I recently noticed - lace sleeves.

I would have loved this trend when I got married a couple of years ago.  As a more mature bride, I (perhaps unnecessarily) had a bit of a thing about the tops of my arms.  Although I loved my dress, I really wanted something with just a bit of extra reassurance to wear over it and after much searching found a sweet little transparent silk georgette shrug type affair which I was really happy with. I do think having been given the choice though, I'd have chosen something from some of these fabulous designs.  Feast your eyes!

Loving the flowery corsage detail to synch-in the waist

A little more drama in this  House of Herrera gown, but beautiful lace sleeves featuring a pelpum too!

Boho gorgeousness from Ruche

1920's inspired gown by Ruche

I hope these few images have provided some inspiration - I just can't believe the choice there is available - totally fab!

Back to flowery blogging later in the week!

'til then, if you have any beautiful photos of you in your wedding gown on your day - email me them and I'll write a little feature about all you gorgeous brides! If you're looking for ideas for wedding flowers then click on the link and pop over to our website or download our lovely style guide Inspire.


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