Friday, 12 October 2012

Wedding Flowers Magazine - A fabulous feature

Hello all.  As you can imagine, I'm absolutely delighted to bring you news of our fabulous feature championing British grown wedding flowers in the marvellous Wedding Flowers Magazine, November/December issue.  I have to say, as a subscriber, I've loved this magazine for years and years and have used it many times to help Brides identify looks, themes or just varieties of flowers during our consultations and time together.

As you can imagine, it's a very proud moment for me to see our wonderful double page spread, complete with gorgeous photos by Neil Stewart, in such a prestigious and stylish magazine.  Regular readers of Wedding Flowers Magazine might have noticed a re-vamp in this issue under the helm of the lovely new Editor, Ciara Elliot and her Features Editor, Carrie Mitchell.  Both were great to work with and were encouraging and really complimentary about my work.

The magazine now looks fresher, more up-to-date and has some fantastic tips on how to find your florist, with helpful planners, a host of gorgeous design ideas and lots of flowery related articles. 

What I particularly love though, is the way the 'gallery' part of the magazine not only features some really stunning designs, but also now incorporates a 'family' of designs suggesting ideas for a Bride's bouquet, a table centre and a buttonhole.  Another great new idea is that each florist has given a helpful hint or quote, which not only adds the personal touch, but also shares knowledge and helps de-mystify the whole process of finding a florist and creating perfect wedding flowers.  As you know, I'm really passionate about Brides loving their flowers and choosing according to the season and I'm absolutely delighted to see that's exactly what many of the florists are now recommending!

Here's our spread in case you don't get a chance to pick up a copy - although I'd really recommend popping along to your local newsagent!

Wedding Flowers Magazine Nov/Dec 2012 issue

You'll find us on pages 66 and 67!

I think you might just be able to read some of this!

Ciara & Carrie also asked me to let their readers in on some of my top tips and fave seasonal flowers - which I happily did!

As always, if you're struggling to find gorgeous blooms to fit your theme and season, please get in touch and I'll do my utmost to help.

Tracey x

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