Thursday, 16 February 2012

DIY Wedding Flowers - Table Flowers Tutorial

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Good morning!  This morning I thought I'd bring you the simplest of tutorials as I've had a somewhat hectic week with it being half-term, Valentine's Day week and just generally very busy planning all sorts of goodies over the next few months.  More about that later ....

So here's a sweet little, inexpensive, table decoration which you could make really simply as an extra special wedding gift for someone you love, your bessie mate, your daughter or someone you're really close to:

For each table arrangement you will need:-

1 x small goldfish bowl

3 x tulips
1 x rose  'Memory Lane'
2 x roses 'Cool Water'
some sprigs of Eucalyptus cinerea & eucalyptus 'baby blue'

Half fill the vase with water.  Cut some sprigs of eucalyptus off and remove the lower leaves to about 1/3 of the overall length.  Place them roughly to the right of your design.  The foliage will act as your 'mechanics' and gently hold your arrangement in place.

Very carefully strip three tulips of their lower leaves and cut them down to size.  Tulips are quite brittle and can snap quite easily.  Place them to the left of the design, in a row.

Now add your roses in a group in the centre of the design so that the final look is quite natural, but is visually balanced.

That's it! A pretty, simple little arrangement which is well-made and really easy to adapt to incorporate your own materials and flowers according to a colour palette or theme.

I hope you enjoy making this - let me know how you get on.  If there are any tutorials you would specifically like me to prepare, leave a comment and I'll get back to you.

All materials are available from any good florist in your area.  Give them a ring or pop in and ask if they can get what you need.

Until then, enjoy!


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