Friday, 24 February 2012

Floral Workshops at Snap Deli

Morning everyone!  Blogging's taken a bit of a back seat this week due to a HUGE number of plans in the pipeline, one of which is re-launching my Flower School and providing regular floral workshops.

On trying to choose a suitable venue, I really had to have a good think.  Last time I ran my classes, I used one of my local Parish Halls, which was fantastic, but didn't quite give the cosy feel I want to associate with learning in a relaxed environment.

Luckily, whilst running my latest pop-up shop at Pure Enough, with my great friend Amy Freann-Worthington, I was introduced to Chris who runs the fantastic Snap Deli.  I started chatting and it soon transpired that he had been thinking about getting someone to come and make use of his gorgeous Deli in the evenings - and floral demonstrations were just what he wanted!

So, my first workshop is on Wednesday 7th March 2012 from 6.30pm - 8.30pm.  Come along and I will demonstrate a step-by-step fabulous arrangement, which you can proudly take home.  I'll also provide all your flower material, foam, tools etc and Chris has agreed that the lovely Isobel will be on hand to take orders from an impressive range of  teas, coffees and delicious home-made cake.  The cost of the evening is just £25.00 - an absolute bargain in comparison to some of the prices being charged locally!

All I ask you to bring is a camera (your phone will be fine if it has a flash) and a notebook if you want to know exactly which flowers we have used.  I always let everyone have the full botanical and variety names in case anyone ever wants to make the same arrangement again - it makes ordering from your florist so much easier!

If you would like to book then you can contact me by email or 'like' my facebook page and then click on the little 'contact' icon on the left-hand side.  You can then message me directly and ask any questions you need to!

'till then


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